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Security methods against betting by online gambling operators

The most ethical and cost-effective response to gambling addiction issues raised by internet gambling is a comprehensive public health strategy that includes prevention, education, treatment, enforcement and research services. Responsible gaming standards are an important aspect of this approach. The National Council on Problem Gambling has developed these standards to help guide discussions among all stakeholders on internet gambling, including operators, regulators, advocates and the public.

If you ever feel that something is not quite right then trusts your instinct and tells someone in a senior position such as your federation or player association. And keep a record of this. Finally, if you have any queries on sports betting issues then it is always better to ask for advice than risk falling foul of the laws. Our player association is there to help. Individual operators also have their own information sharing agreements in place which allow them to directly notify sports federations of any usual or suspicious betting patterns. To implement and evaluate the effectiveness of such measures in games, it will be important to identify behavioural markers that may distinguish those with a gambling disorder from all other gamblers.

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