Athletes In Gambling

Custom-made information incorporated in online gambling sites

Players are encouraged to set weekly or monthly deposit, loss or time limits through information provided by the operator online or with a customer service agent. Players have the option of setting daily, weekly or monthly limits on the size of deposits. Players have the option of setting a system-wide loss or time limit. Players have the option of setting individual loss or time limits of for each type of game offered by the site. Play is stopped when the limit is reached. Players may view the status of their limits on the account details page at any time. There is a direct link to at least one organization dedicated to helping people with potential gambling problems. Regular testing for functionality occurs for all links to help services.

The operators and regulators consult with experts in the problem gambling field during the development and implementation of internet gambling. Problem gambling consequences like addiction, will never be eliminated, but we must make better efforts to mitigate the damage. If in any doubt, then do not bet on your sport until you have spoken to your governing body and players’ association and you are happy that you are acting in accordance with your sport’s rules.

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